Time Flies…when you’re tired as shit!

I have made it my new goal to continue on with GBJ. Trust mama when she says that there is more than plenty of material to keep us going for a while.. The little peanut is nearly 1.5, I am still married to amigo, and we’ve managed to keep up with our mortgage payments! I’d […]

Mad Man (and Women) of the 2010 Emmy Awards…fashion alert!

The 2010 Emmy awards came and went without much hubbub regarding anyone’s atrocious fashion sense.  The usual offenders were MIA…most likely hanging out in some seedy West LA bar with that idiot Scott Disick.  What the fuck is wrong with that kid.  Better yet, what the fuck is wrong Kourtney Kardashian?

Spring Break in S. Texas and Mexico become a safety hazard…

and everyone wants to blame the Mexican Drug Cartel…um, folks…i hate to say it, but the fuckin Cartel receives the majority of their income, albeit illegal, from WEED.  DIRT WEED none-the-less,  you god damned idiots. Uh, really? Decapitation…for weed? Personally, I don’t think that’s necessary. does someone clean your house for you?  do your lawn? […]

Why cain’t us Texas folk drive?

For real, guys. Today it was drizzling, dark and cloudy on my way home from work. I turned on the radio for the weather forecast, and low and behold, there were like 20 accidents in town…Ok, so, Texans (along w/ women, asians, and drunks) are known for our inability to drive…so how come, whenever the […]

Why is Jessica Simpson such a douche bag?

She kicked off her state fair tour (yes, you heard me correctly…from arenas to state fairs) yesterday in Indiana! I can barely conceal the smile on my face at this posting. I love to see the demise of others like this one…and let me add, what the fuck is she wearing? That shirt looks like […]

It’s Friday, and Katie Holmes still looks like an asshole!

what the hell is she thinking? all week long (for real, every damn day) we have had to witness the worst attempt of the worst fashion comeback EVER! the pegged jeans look will never come back, and personally, i would never wear any fad that was brought back by this strange monster. stop it already, […]

Kate Moss voted second best dressed…she lost to super tranny, Agyness Deyn…

I don’t know about this…I prefer Kate, hands down, even if she did fuck Pete Doherty. What is this world coming to?

Eva Mendes is amazing!

In NYC…She’s amazingly beautiful, GBJ loves her…and her dress!

Run and get your lotion boys, Kate Moss shows us her new Xmas Topshop line

Now, obviously, we will all look like pregnant whales when we go to put it on.  Not sure if it’s a good thing that Kate is modeling her own clothes.  Like Pete modeling his own smack, or Courtney Love modeling her own…oh never mind…you get it…

Posh in Paris

I am sorry, even though she does look like a miserable cow, she is always impeccable.  Love those trousers.