Time Flies…when you’re tired as shit!

I have made it my new goal to continue on with GBJ. Trust mama when she says that there is more than plenty of material to keep us going for a while..

The little peanut is nearly 1.5, I am still married to amigo, and we’ve managed to keep up with our mortgage payments! I’d say, life is in full swing!

I am currently (and majorly, like a crazy girl) obsessing over the following items;

Alt-J, but specifically Joe Newman from Alt-J


Daniel Tosh

My offspring (Lily Boo Boo) & her dada

My gardens (and my obsession with keyhole gardens)

Etsy – jesus fuckin christ, i need to win the lottery (follow me here)

Pintrest – if i win the lottery, i can pin ALL DAY LONG! (follow me here)

All things Mara Hoffman (omg, LOOK!)

My chickens….

The Soldiers: Ziggy Sawdust (Americauna) and Lil' Kim (Asian Silky)
The Soldiers: Ziggy Sawdust (Americauna) and Lil’ Kim (Asian Silky)

…and a about a bazillion other things. I should get back to work for the moment (brief, very brief moment) but I promise to be back tomorrow. Thanks fer hangin’ on, pals! XOXO


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