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Britney can do no right….

Seriously. you. idiot.  Put some fucking correct clothes on.  Come on, just once.  Look it’s easy…You have a cute white eyelet dress.  Put on a slip.  Was that hard.  They make trashy slips.  They also make sexy slips.  You can still be WT, just stop showing us what you got under there.

Jennifer Garner is the cutest thing in the world…

Could you imagine what this world would be like if the legend of The Bennifer were ongoing in reality…OMG, thank goodness that boy made a wise choice for a wife…JLo goes well w/ Skeletor, he accentuates her tanorexic skin and gigantic ass! Meanwhile, Mrs. Affleck, fresh from her return from Hawaii, steps out w/ a …

Jennifer Garner is the cutest thing in the world… Read More »

The Men of The MTV evening…

As I am a cougar, Shia is my prey…Tyrese, ok, and Josh Duhamel sticks his thing in Fergie…I wouldn’t touch that for money. Jay…always looks great! The cause of many fights between Laguna Beach’s blonde bitches, Kristin and LC, Stephen Coletti seems to be getting along just fine w/out either one of those gals…Just fine!



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