Time Flies…when you’re tired as shit!

I have made it my new goal to continue on with GBJ. Trust mama when she says that there is more than plenty of material to keep us going for a while.. The little peanut is nearly 1.5, I am still married to amigo, and we’ve managed to keep up with our mortgage payments! I’d […]

SXSW – Austin, Texas…I hugged a hot trannie!

Ugh, where to start. Wednesday, St Patty’s Day, ( I don’t have a lick of Irish in me, but they do make fabulous whiskey) was a night thing because I had to work all day. After work I went downtown and drank my face off by myself, well, not by myself – with the other […]

There’s a new (piece of shit) restaurant in town!!!!

oy vei!  this place is one hot mess!  i have been waiting for a really long time to post about it because i felt really bad about what is about to go down in this post…sorry, simplicity, but you deserve it…  🙁 me and my girl went there a little bit ago to check it […]

Kate Gosselin Has A New Do!!!!!

The “old” Kate Gosselin had a pretty awful, yet coveted, do… After eight little fuckers and a (much needed) divorce from her (Ed Hardy, Micheal Lohan – admiring), ex…Kate has managed to re-invent herself. Yes, she looks better, but no, if my ex-husband ever dated someone younger than myself, I would never try to copy […]

When Horrible Music and The One-Balled Doper Collide!

First of all, let me tell you this once again, I know that I have bragged about it before, and…rightfully so. One of my friends is the executive producer of this little show that is historical in Austin, Austin City Limits. And no, I am not speaking of the idiot festival that comes through every […]

I’m bored, horny, and EMBELLISH in austin texas is a piece of shit! (and other random thoughts)

*how the hell did i wake up in time to get here this morning, shower, get dressed (not the best outfit of the century), manage to hide my alcohol breath and not puke? looks like it’s gonna be a good day. *i am currently eating salt out of the packet. too bad i dont have […]

The Cannes film festival has begun…I don’t give a fuck about any of them…except my future husband, Gael Garcia Bernal

And only because he is soooooooooooooooo hot!

Bette Lovette taped Austin City Limits (studio) and I was there!

Yes, I was ,indeed. My very good friend is “the big dog” of the tv show and he gives me the tickets I want. He has me spoiled…Anyways, we went on Sunday to see Bette and Pinetop Perkins play and, as ususal, it blew my mind! She was so full of energy and soul and […]

Gwen Stefani has the right idea…

“It’s fun trying to get pregnant.” – Gwen Stefani, on the process of baby making, to V magazine Look people, try all you want, just don’t do it!

Kirstin Dunst is “allegedly” in rehab…

That’s what I read from gabsmash.com.  Hopefully it’s not true.  Hopefully she is going in for some extended plastic surgery and some dental work.  This hoe is ick!