When Horrible Music and The One-Balled Doper Collide!

First of all, let me tell you this once again, I know that I have bragged about it before, and…rightfully so. One of my friends is the executive producer of this little show that is historical in Austin, Austin City Limits. And no, I am not speaking of the idiot festival that comes through every year (and keeps getting worse). Anywhoo, I pretty much have free and open access to all the tickets that I care to have. (they are not for sale, you have know someone to get in). So, bf and I had tickets reserved to see Sonic Youth tape there 10/5. Then, old and frail Lee Renaldo had to go and break his wrist (i think he was jacking off to his new album…which totally sux, by the way). SY ends up canceling their acl tv appearance and are sadly replaced with THEM CROOKED VULTURES. Crooked pretty much breaks it down for you. If you have not seen them, don’t bother. A few months back I was lucky enough to go see My Bloody Valentine, they handed out ear-plugs and rocked so hard people were leaving and throwing up…now that is a show! So anyways, these idiots hand out ear-plugs to the crowd so we automatically assume they are going to R-O-C-K. Wrong! The little pink pussy that was singing sounded like an old southern grandma singin me a lullaby. It was a giant, awful mess. There is no way that that faggot (sorry, craig) had any right to be up on that stage where the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and Roky Erikson have once stood! There is simply no way.

you are a fucking idiot
you are a fucking idiot

(please note his ***styrofoam*** cup, as he claims to be so green.  Kinda think he was trying to hide his beer.  and what the fuck was he thinking when he rolled his sleeves up like that.  if i were that dumb bitch he was with i would kindly suggest he just put on a short sleeve shirt)

And, just when you think that it can’t possibly get any worse, Lance “I have cancer wah wah wah” Armstrong, local celebrity and famous Austin ass-hole and French punching bag has to stand in your line of sight. Him and all his idiot glory. So, in the beginning of the show, the producers come out and ask you to turn off your cell phones and introduce the band and blah blah blah…about one song into the show, this fuckin one-nutted loser pulls his phone out to take a picture when a staff member reaches out and taps him on the shoulder asking him to put his phone away. (he should have punched his cross-eyed face in) The rest of the show (well, we only stayed for three songs) he was texting. What the hell is wrong with this guy and why does he think he is so god damn wonderful?

Apparently, I am not the only one on this planet that thinks this guys needs to fall in a hole, bc after hearing of our experience, a friend of mine sent me this link…the top ten reasons why Lance Armstrong is a douche-bag. I must say…it made me smile.

(Sorry, daddy, for draggin you to that bullshit, and for bein a bitch. I love you.)

Someone’s gonna die,

ps – if you read the 10 reasons list, the comment section is filled with a plethora of reasons why he is such a douche-bag!  take note of the posting that points out the fact that he uses the most water of anyone in town to water his lawn (again, not very green).  it’s the truth, it was in the paper.  he also apparently threw a fit to a friend who worked in a bakery bc they ran out of multi grain bagels.  he made a scene.  if i were her i would have rubbed a plain bagel on my twat and told him that lox was the daily special.  what a dick face.

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