Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson together in Miami…kind of…

Kate and Owen are getting the rumor mills churning once again…apparently Kate was visiting Owen in south Florida while he is filming a movie…Everyone is all up in arms about her visiting him b/c “people” blame his suicide attempt on their first-time failed relationship. Here’s what I think about their reunion…who gives a fuck? I …

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Celine Dion…the token white woman of Africa…

She just recently began her world tour in South Africa.  Yes, I know there are many white people there.  It was a bad attempt at a joke.  So…let’s talk about Celine’s son, Renee Charles.  Yes, that is a dude.  Cut that god damned hair you loaded fucking Canadian asshole! Get the fuck out of Africa …

Celine Dion…the token white woman of Africa…Read More »

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Rapper TI arrested in Atlanta!

Rapper T.I., whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr., was arrested this afternoon in Atlanta. The ATF executed a search warrant at his home, and according to Atlanta’s FOX 5 News, T.I., remains in custody. TMZ has more.

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