Rumor Willis is such a damn dog…how the hell did that happen?

For real, I have never seen even one picture where this unfortunate monster looks 1% attractive!

Bossa*Nova in Austin, Texas has made the boycott list!

Oh shit, you guys know that I hate doing this kind of stuff, but I did email the owner to try and kiss and make up, and I have received no response, which leads me to believe that he could give a fuck about making his customers happy. Join the club, buddy. The feeling is […]

Ashlee Simpson baby bump watch!

Ha! Getting married cuz she got knocked up! You would think with all that money of hers, she may be able to buy some fucking bc pills…Come on, bitch…the last thing this world needs is for the Simpson clan to be spreading their dysfunctional genes around…

Bojangles is growing faster than ever…but she is still so damn bad!

That’s right. She’s so bad. She plays this crazy feet chasing game on the covers…ALL FUCKING NIGHT LONG…my other cat, Trixie, has decided to teach her how to beg for food early in the morning as well. Oh god, what did I do?

Amy Winehouse should have listened to Whitney Houston…”Crack is Wack”!

Source: The Sun UK Crack addict Amy, 24 — whose looks have been ravaged by drugs — also had cuts on her arm as she popped out near her London home. A source said: “Amy has admitted she needs to check into rehab again. “There are too many temptations for her in the UK — […]

This is what happens when a hottie like Ashton Kutcher marries a cougar!

Seen here filming his new movie Spread w/ co-star Margarita Levieva. Apparently, Demi has him chained to the bed cuz homeboy is lookin a little pale and chub these days. Not to mention, a little gay. note: no offense fatties or fags, it’s the damn honest truth. I imagine he is tired of that stretched […]

Jessica Alba has the ass to prove she’s with child!

Ok, what is she? French and Mexican maybe? I think that’s it. Anyways, we all know what happens to the latinas after birth, they blow the fuck up. This girls and boys, is one reason GBJ is not real excited about having a bun in the oven. There are about a zillion other reasons as […]

Oh shit, Lindsay Lohan is working on a hip-hop album…

No, I will not get the fuck out of town! “I’m recording right now [with] Motown and being in the studio again has been really great,” she said of her “dance, hip-hop and R&B album,” adding, “It’s all coming together.”

Patrick Swayze has five weeks to live…ill with pancreatic cancer

No Good. It has been reported by several news sites. He will be missed. Update: 7:00 pm, same day I just saw on E! TV that in fact, Pat’s docs are saying that he is responding well to treatment and his outlook is “optimistic”. They deny stating that he only has weeks to live. I […]

Katie Price, aka Jordan in da hizzie….donning her new lingerie line…

She’s pretty. Pretty tranny, that is. Ok, so she’s got a smokin hot bod. Is the visual definition of a buttah-face? Huh? I say, indeed! However, I actually like her b/c she has a disabled son and she is a princess to him. Now, I know, GBJ is not the place to come for all […]