BAD: Pre-Nup ?

Rapper and producer Kanye West is engaged, several sources have confirmed to PEOPLE exclusively. West, 29, proposed to his girlfriend, Alexis, while overseas for two weeks recently, sources close to the singer tell PEOPLE. Alexis, whose last name and occupation were not immediately available, was West’s girlfriend prior to his October 2002 car accident, one

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BAD: MK part 2

Ashlee Simpson is apparently causing much ado lately. She did an interview with Marie Clare mag not too long ago stating that “people should learn to love their bodies” for the way they are. Not long after, she has a nose job, goes anorexic, and hires a new stylist. If this is loving your image,

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BAD: LL Not Happy

Lisnday was rather upset today after leaving The Ivy. She said that she was upset to have cameras on her on her day off! Get a life ~ The upset Lohan wrote a letter to Perez Hilton to express her utter distress. Check out to check it out. Furthermore…ask this question…If you are so

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