Who wants to assassinate Sara Palin more than me?

Plenty of people!!!! And this is only one reason why… WHAT. THE. FUCK?  She stands for everything that I don’t.  And not only that, but she is a bigger idiot than George W.  (and who even knew that that was remotely possible)?  I am at a loss for words.  Separate church and state and let […]

Hey, Hoarders are people too!

Skokie city police in Cook County, Illinois are forced to cut the roof off of a house after a hoarder was buried alive under her phat stash!  (watch) According to authorities, the home was filled with debris from the floor up to three feet below the ceiling.  The two occupants of the home dug tunnels […]

A Drug To Prevent Being a Lesbian? No wonder we don’t have a cancer cure!

With more and more medical innovations that tell us surprising amounts of information about unborn children, the medical ethics of prenatal drugs become significantly complicated. It seems unproblematic to allow couples to see what gender their child will be, but what happens when pregnant women are informed that their children may have congenital adrenal hyperplasia […]

Anthony Bourdain, Take Two…and some SHIT food!

It’s no joke, kids…amigo and I like to get our food on!  Last night, my sweet man escorted me to see my foodie idol, Anthony Bourdain.  Now, I have seen him once before, this time in much better company, and he was great then as well, however, I do believe that I now have a […]

Cupcake Wars, Trailer Trash, Bar Brawls and Ice Cream…

The Good, the Bad, and the Juicy is not only a space for me to rave about the wonderful ins and outs of this city I call home, but as many of you know, it’s also a community bulletin board in which I express the good, the bad and the juicy about city-wide occurrences.  A […]

Stop blaming BP for what has happened and take a look in the fucking mirror!

And in comes the damage control from BP Oil.  According to this article, the oil giant is trying  to pay off fishermen so they will not sue.  Of course they are.  And for anyone out there with any business sense what-so-ever, it makes sense.  It happens all the time.   Come on people…why are you so surprised?  Of course […]

Spring Break in S. Texas and Mexico become a safety hazard…

and everyone wants to blame the Mexican Drug Cartel…um, folks…i hate to say it, but the fuckin Cartel receives the majority of their income, albeit illegal, from WEED.  DIRT WEED none-the-less,  you god damned idiots. Uh, really? Decapitation…for weed? Personally, I don’t think that’s necessary. does someone clean your house for you?  do your lawn? […]

Why cain’t us Texas folk drive?

For real, guys. Today it was drizzling, dark and cloudy on my way home from work. I turned on the radio for the weather forecast, and low and behold, there were like 20 accidents in town…Ok, so, Texans (along w/ women, asians, and drunks) are known for our inability to drive…so how come, whenever the […]

WTF happened to Brigitte Bardot?

The former screen siren…and by former, I am referring to the siren part, has been handed the book on racism…damn, she needs to be locked away for letting herself go down the drain. PARIS, France (AP) — A Paris court on Tuesday convicted Brigitte Bardot of provoking discrimination and racial hatred for writing that Muslims […]

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler enters rehab…

Something must be in the water, it seems like everyone is going in these days…sad. Tyler was admitted into Las Encinas Hospital drug rehab center for substance abuse. Not sure which one he is not abusing, I will update soon. On a much more sad note, daughter Liv and hubby Royston Langdon have also decided […]