Cupcake Wars, Trailer Trash, Bar Brawls and Ice Cream…

The Good, the Bad, and the Juicy is not only a space for me to rave about the wonderful ins and outs of this city I call home, but as many of you know, it’s also a community bulletin board in which I express the good, the bad and the juicy about city-wide occurrences.  A […]

Vichyssoise (and so much more) @ OLIVIA – Austin

I was fortunate enough to have a working lunch today with a wonderful woman – at Olivia.  Named, by Bon Appetit Magazine, as one of the Top Ten New Restaurants in America for 2009. Upon walking in, I was delightfully greeted by a garden at the back of the building.  You know what that means…FRESH! (or at […]

Franklin’s BBQ – Austin, Texas

Howdy ya’ll! I realize that it has been a while since I promised that review on the Franklin BBQ trailer, so here goes. I have actually been twice now. And mind you, I am not the world’s biggest BBQ fan! First of all, go only when you have plenty of time to stand in line.  […]

The Great Outdoors Nursery and The Garden Distrcit Cafe + Butterflies!

  First I will begin by saying that I am newly obsessed with The Great Outdoors Nursery and the cafe that also sits on the property, The Garden District.  I like to go for lunch because it’s right by my office and makes for a mini-vacay in the middle of my otherwise stressful (what a […]

Q: What do Anthony Bourdain and Doughnuts have in common?

A: AUSTIN!  My most favorite “celebrity” chef…i use that term lightly, is in town for a speaking event, a book signing, and he is also filming an episode for his Travel Channel morsel of righteousness, No Reservations!  I saw him speak about two years ago and it was one of the most memorable events of my […]

LaCondesa – Austin, Texas

This past weekend I was in the mood for brunch…on Saturday.  I had heard that Lambert’s BBQ did a fine Saturday brunch, so the bf and I weaved our way through the Austin Farmer’s Market to Lambert’s Downtown Fancy BBQ.  Seems they decided to change things up a bit and offer brunch on Sunday only.  […]

Austin City Limits Music Festival – food vendor list

I like to eat, folks. If you know me, you know that I can eat more chicken cones (Hudson’s On The Bend) than any single being on this or any other planet! So, while I am sitting here at work counting the minutes, I decided to make sure that the cone was in for another […]