Justine’s Brasserie – More delicious food in Austin!

Justine's Brasserie - Austin, Texas
Ok, so I have been pining to to go to Justine’s and this past Saturday…my wish came true…A hefty $100 tab later (I blame the Hendrick’s martinis) and a full belly…I can’t wait to go back!

We had a crew of seven and rolled in at 10:20 pm to a not-so-welcoming HOUR wait.  Justine’s will however, accept reservations, but only for parties over six, and at the time, we were unaware that we would have enough asses to fill that many seats.

I started my meal off with a cold garlic soup…light, creamy, velvetty smooth and FULL of garlicy punch. It was one of the best soups I have ever had – next to the vichyssoise at Olivia.

For the entree I had the steak frites…yes, that’s correct, steak and fries. If you have ever been to Paris, you know that meat and fries are not only a staple, but also a tradition – and that the French do a far superior job with the potato than the American’s. (so basically, if you EVER call it a freedom fry, that simply renders you an ill-cultured, static and stale American…gross) True to form, the steak was tasty tasty and cooked to perfection, the fries were all French – perfectly crisp on the outside, steaming hot and soft on the inside, and salted by Aphrodite herself. Amigo passed on the appetizer and decided to head straight into his main course – The Fillet de Poisson, a light and fresh filet of snapper served in a buerre blanc alongside haricots verts. His fish was tender and moist and anything served in a good buerre blanc is simply to-die -or. Justine’s hit the nail on the head with this dinner.

Traditional Steak Frites

The food was so delicious, I refuse to complain about the hour wait and the endless hipsters who over crowded this, my new favorite, east-side haunt. 

Go early, have a Hendrick’s (it’s hard to find in this town) martini, play some Bocce Ball in the courtyard, and prepare yourself for one of the most divine meals to be had in our fine city.  I think it’s better than Aquarelle – and I knew thought I’d ever say that!

Papa Bear, start saving that scratch – you’re takin mama to Justine’s for her birthday…

Justine’s – open 6pm – 2am (dinner served until 1:30am)

Closed on Tuesdays

Reservations accepted for parties larger than six

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