Franklin’s BBQ – Austin, Texas

The line was 100 deep, I'm sure!
The line was 100 deep, I'm sure!

Howdy ya’ll! I realize that it has been a while since I promised that review on the Franklin BBQ trailer, so here goes. I have actually been twice now. And mind you, I am not the world’s biggest BBQ fan!

First of all, go only when you have plenty of time to stand in line.  For instance, an hour.  No shit.  Also, go early!  They usually clean house by 1:30.  The first time I went they ran out of everything except brisket…which was good for amigo.  They also ran out of sausage becase the fat fuck in front of us took the last six links.  Amigo told the guy at the window that it was obvious the fat-ass didn’t need anymore sausage.  Sadly, the employee had no response other than a quick glance at the floor.  (True story)  Also, they no longer carry the tempeh frito pie, which is what i went there to try!  BOO!  However, the guys at the counter said that I could request it’s reprise on Yelp because the owner follows religiously.  So, for all you veggies out there, go on and make that request!

You can oder by the pound, plate, or ala cart for all the meat items.  Note, the ribs are the first to go, always.  Both times I visited, they were out.  All the plates are under or $10.  Sides include (very spicy) beans, vinegar-based cole slaw, mayo potato salad, pickled jalepenos ($.35), white bread (racist), pickles and of course, sliced onion.  The sides are purchased by the pint, unless you get a plate, and the latter items are complimentary.  The drinks are semi over-priced, $2 for a Sweet Leaf, and $1 for soda and small bottled water. 

Here’s the kicker…ESPRESSO BBQ SAUCE!!!!!!  It’s homemade and very very tasty!  They also serve the usual sweet, hot, and pork sauces as well. 


If you’re ever in the area and have a couple of extra hours on hand and hungry belly, it’s definitely worth the wait.  Seating is family style around picnic tables, so you are sure to meet some interesting folk.  My favorite part?  Both times I was there it was about 11am and people were already drinking!  It’s BYOB, kids.  Come prepared! 

Happy Hump Day,


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