Pho Dan is pho-king delicious!

I am going to be honest here….I DO NOT like nor do I trust Asian cuisine, I just don’t.  I can’t be diggin’ on a place that hangs naked ducks in the windows (Enticement?  I don’t think so.) or on a cuisine that insists on showering everything on the menu in fish sauce! I’ve had […]

Ross’s Old Austin Cafe – North Lamar

I have been waiting to review Ross’s and it’s not an ideal time now because I am starving…but, I will go ahead and get it done! I had gone to Ross’s once back in early 2001 or so, and since moving to a more centrally located spot in town, I simply (and oh so sadly) […]

Zed(s) … Not Dead!

My #1 amigo and I decided to treat ourselves to dinner this past weekend.  One of our favorite past times, besides the actual action of stuffing our faces, is to try new restaurants!  Considering that we moved merely a month ago, we have been encountering mucho food in suburbialand…. Friday, we decided to try Zed’s.  […]

Pablito’s Bakery – Austin, Texas….

Let’s begin with a trip to tacoland.  Pablito’s Bakery @ Bluff Bend and Braker is par none.  Everything I have had there is divine.  (They could use some help with their coffee-making skills, but….)  Gorditas, quesadillas, tacos, tortas, everything!  Very fresh and flavorful and most importantly, affordable.  Pablito’s is better than La Mexicana (my former […]

Justine’s Brasserie – More delicious food in Austin!

Ok, so I have been pining to to go to Justine’s and this past Saturday…my wish came true…A hefty $100 tab later (I blame the Hendrick’s martinis) and a full belly…I can’t wait to go back! We had a crew of seven and rolled in at 10:20 pm to a not-so-welcoming HOUR wait.  Justine’s will […]

Vichyssoise (and so much more) @ OLIVIA – Austin

I was fortunate enough to have a working lunch today with a wonderful woman – at Olivia.  Named, by Bon Appetit Magazine, as one of the Top Ten New Restaurants in America for 2009. Upon walking in, I was delightfully greeted by a garden at the back of the building.  You know what that means…FRESH! (or at […]

Franklin’s BBQ – Austin, Texas

Howdy ya’ll! I realize that it has been a while since I promised that review on the Franklin BBQ trailer, so here goes. I have actually been twice now. And mind you, I am not the world’s biggest BBQ fan! First of all, go only when you have plenty of time to stand in line.  […]

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer like to fuck!


David Beckham out in LA w/ a white t-shirt on!

OMG, come to mama! The plain white t is a man’s secret weapon!