Pho Dan is pho-king delicious!

Pho Dan, ATX

I am going to be honest here….I DO NOT like nor do I trust Asian cuisine, I just don’t.  I can’t be diggin’ on a place that hangs naked ducks in the windows (Enticement?  I don’t think so.) or on a cuisine that insists on showering everything on the menu in fish sauce!

I’ve had my eye on Pho Dan since moving to our new neighborhood about 6 months ago.  Occassionally perusing the Yelp reviews, keeping my ears open for any mention of the name, and most importantly keeping my eyes peeled when I drive by (because sometimes you can judge a book by it’s cover!).

Flanked by a wall of windows and a bright, cheery modern, hotel-esque interior, Pho Dan looks clean, it smells clean, and most importantly, the food on the tables is all recognizable (for the most part).  In my book, that’s a good start for an Asian establishment, and trust me, I’ve walked out at this point. 

We ended up ordering our food to go, which proved ok because it was delicious by the time we got it home.  I had the tofu spring rolls (2.5) which were fresh and crisp and came with a homemade peanut and a homemade red pepper sauce.  The rice paper was delicate and firm and fresh and all of the interior ingredients were equally satisfying.  Amigo had the veggie egg rolls (2.7) which were fried to a perfect, crispy light brown and served with a light, homemade carrot/sweet and sour sauce.  For dinner we each had the vegan, tofu noodle soup (small – 5.2, large – 6.2).  The noodles were perfectly steamed, not clumpy, and the vegetable broth was clear, fresh, and smelled fresh rather than canned.  The tofu was seared golden brown and came with a side of mixed white onion and cilantro, bean sprouts, and thai basil.  One serving is enough for three meals for me, and probably two for the average male. 

Other positives;

Delicious Jasmine Iced Tea

Clean & Well Equipped Restrooms

Easy parking


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