Ross’s Old Austin Cafe – North Lamar

Ross's Old Austin Cafe

I have been waiting to review Ross’s and it’s not an ideal time now because I am starving…but, I will go ahead and get it done!

I had gone to Ross’s once back in early 2001 or so, and since moving to a more centrally located spot in town, I simply (and oh so sadly) totally forgot about this gem!  From the moment you pull into the parking lot, it’s assured that this is going to be a pleasant experince.  There is a large stage outside (dog friendly) circled with worn picnic tables and a covered front porch for when the weather doesn’t exactly comply.

Walking in it’s evident that this is a family run joint…clean, friendly staff, and the smell of homecooked goodness spilling through the door.  The salad bar is fresh and clean, the pie cooler the same.  PIE COOLER!  Delicious burgers, amazing grilled cheese sammies, amigo really enjoyed his steak, the BEST baked potatoes and positively the coldest beers (and mugs) in town! 

Dear Ross, I am so sorry that it took me so long to return.  I promise to never leave you again… 

And for all of you Austinites that need a reference point – Ross’s is a billion times better than Threadgill’s.  Yep, a billions!

Nom Nom Nom!



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