Pho Dan is pho-king delicious!

I am going to be honest here….I DO NOT like nor do I trust Asian cuisine, I just don’t.  I can’t be diggin’ on a place that hangs naked ducks in the windows (Enticement?  I don’t think so.) or on a cuisine that insists on showering everything on the menu in fish sauce! I’ve had […]

Justine’s Brasserie – More delicious food in Austin!

Ok, so I have been pining to to go to Justine’s and this past Saturday…my wish came true…A hefty $100 tab later (I blame the Hendrick’s martinis) and a full belly…I can’t wait to go back! We had a crew of seven and rolled in at 10:20 pm to a not-so-welcoming HOUR wait.  Justine’s will […]

Who wants to assassinate Sara Palin more than me?

Plenty of people!!!! And this is only one reason why… WHAT. THE. FUCK?  She stands for everything that I don’t.  And not only that, but she is a bigger idiot than George W.  (and who even knew that that was remotely possible)?  I am at a loss for words.  Separate church and state and let […]

Avenue B Grocery Store, Austin, Texas

Ok, here we go…there is a small neighborhood grocery store in Austin, Texas called Avenue B Grocery. They had the phatest, most rad sandwiches in all the town. About a year or so ago, I tried to take some friends with me there to eat so they could experience the shear delight that I had […]