When Horrible Music and The One-Balled Doper Collide!

First of all, let me tell you this once again, I know that I have bragged about it before, and…rightfully so. One of my friends is the executive producer of this little show that is historical in Austin, Austin City Limits. And no, I am not speaking of the idiot festival that comes through every […]

Confirmed preggers for Simpson and Wentz!

I know, it’s old news. I was dumbing it down in Honduras w/ my bitches on the beach…so…love it or leave it!

Angelina Jolie – out and about w/ her big belly!

Great, she’s having twins. I am bleeding like a stuck pig. I’d rather bleed than have two of anything inside me.

Jesica Alba is way preggers!

Adorable. After reporting the news on Mr. Swayze, I kind of feel bad for hatin on everyone…ok, I’m over it now!

Nicole Kidman at the Grammy’s…totally not pregnant!

Here it is folks, everyone who is doing the bitching about how she is pregs, eat your heart out! And let me remind you of something else….her and her ex, Tom Cruise adopted two children inder the premise that someone in the relationship was dry as The Sahara. Then comes along little Ms. Suri who […]

I think Nicole Kidman is going to birth a tapeworm…

Ok, shouldn’t she be showing by now? This is kind of too weird. I think it’s all a big joke on Tom. Can you go to a spinning class (where she is leaving) while you are preggo? Doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, although I have no experience in that department… Anyways, I […]

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – pre Oscar madness…

The secret is out. This bitch is gonna have another little one…It’s called a vagina, not a clown car, dear!

Jessica Alba’s baby bump is out and about…

Someone tell, what is she?  I think she has some latina in her.  Ah oh…we all know what happens to them after birth.  and yes girls, i can say that…i carry the gene myself.  It could be worse.  We could be latina and Catholic…oh wait…

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are having another baby

That’s right.  Go ahead, I feel sorry for these kids too.  Hey, we can’t have it all!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are expecting!

The drug and alcohol addicted, plastic, snow barbie/ken is expected this summer.  BFD!