I think Nicole Kidman is going to birth a tapeworm…


Ok, shouldn’t she be showing by now? This is kind of too weird. I think it’s all a big joke on Tom. Can you go to a spinning class (where she is leaving) while you are preggo? Doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, although I have no experience in that department…

Anyways, I just find it odd.

7 thoughts on “I think Nicole Kidman is going to birth a tapeworm…”

  1. Show a picture of her from the side and she is showing. And yes, you can work out while pregnant, you are supposed to work out while pregnant, as long as you don’t over do it!

  2. Yawn…there she is arching her back again, trying to look pregnant. Face it Nicole, Tommy won the “game.” Enough is enough. People are TIRED of you, just go away quietly please.

  3. Staying fit is one thing, a spinning class is over doing it. There are other photos out there of her leaving this class, without the sunglasses on & you can clearly see by looking at her that she over did it. She looks like she got run over by a truck. Kidman always walks arching her back. Look at some of the pictures from the Oscars. I’ve never seen such awkward poses.

  4. Not Buying It In Nashville

    She sticks her stomach out after having some gas and looks exactly the same.

    Preggers my arse.

    I bet that surrogate has a nice tidy savings fund started, courtesy of Kidman.

  5. OOOh, not buying it in Nashville is on the up and up. While I never thought she was pregnant, I never thought of a surrogate! Way to go!

    And thank you for saying that a spinning class is over doing it. I am not a fucking moron Amy, I know that you are supposed to stay healthy and exercise, which is why I said that YOGA was more for pregnant women then spinning class!

    And I’ll say it again, this bitch does not have a bun in the oven! It’s amazing what money can do for you!

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