***Grammy’s Update***Amy Winehouse

WHOA…that bitch is fucking high. Amazing talent, beautiful voice, and high as a mother fucker. Rad.

Amy Winehouse is reportedly in rehab…

The police are not sure what to make of the videos of Amy smoking crack, but her record label is reporting that the song-bird is in fact…ta da…in rehab. FUCKING FINALLY, YOU LOONY BITCH!

I am not yankin your chain, fuckers! Britney has lost her damn mind!

  Britney showed up late to her deposition on Thursday, but we didn’t know how badly things were about to devolve. She was with her boys in the afternoon and supposed to hand them back to Kevin at 7 pm. Instead she apparently locked herself in her house with SP and JJ refusing to give […]

No, it’s not Amy Winehouse! It’s Jenna “slut face” Jameson!

I thought porn moguls were supposed to be voluptuous…the HIV is in full swing.

Pam Anderson and Rick Solomon are not getting a divorce? Wait – Wha?

Apparently the divorce rumors were the result of a “messy argument”, but now the two just want to work it out.  Well, I am not claiming that Rick is some hot piece of ass or anything, but it seems to me that Pammy may be out of her prime.  I wouldn’t touch this bag w/ […]

Tara Reid looks really really freaky!

We all know that she had some “work” done, and then re-work done, but damn.  Her legs are funked up and her ribs are showing.  Ew.

Jamie Lynn Spears is prego!

The father is her beau Casey Aldridge!  These bitches are on a roll!  On a side note…Mom Lynn, has put her parenting skills book on hold.  It will be released after the paternity test! Good luck, angel.  The odds are against you at this time.

Here goes the train wreck! Brit got her lips inflated.

While not even a little bit surprised considering all the cover-up shots from last week, I would still much rather see these lips than her others (NSFW) she likes to flaunt around for the world to see. Yum…

Amy Winehouse on vaca…

w/ hubby Blake Fielder-Civil.  Um, I am not sure what to say about these pics…I am at a loss for words.  Moving on.  Amy’s in-laws released a statement yesterday asking her fans NOT to purchase her music until Amy and Blake get help for their drug addiction problems.  Drug addiction?  I don’t see it.

Amy Winehouse and husband Blake are passionate!

It’s true.  This couple is so passionate they bloodied each other good outside of their London hotel room.  They went to the same rehab facility as LL, Pete, and Brit.  The proof is in the shephard’s pie, bitches.  PASSION! But wait…here they are the next day…”you ok?”  “you ok?”…Smile for the cameras…”I’m soooo in love […]