Jamie Lynn Spears is prego!


The father is her beau Casey Aldridge!  These bitches are on a roll!  On a side note…Mom Lynn, has put her parenting skills book on hold.  It will be released after the paternity test!

Good luck, angel.  The odds are against you at this time.

15 thoughts on “Jamie Lynn Spears is prego!”

  1. if this happened to you or your sister you would not be saying what a hoe. this happens to ALOT of girls even 16 or under.

    when this happens to your sister/best friend && i call her a hoe..don’t talk shiiit hipocrite!

    i love britney spears && i love her sister to [babies && all]

  2. this is news to me, looks like she following her sister, tsk tsk tsk……..i was hoping this wouldn’t happen

  3. it must run in the family!!! lol

    but u think her parents would be more protective over waht happed to brit….

  4. Oh Christina…if i were a hypocrite, doll…i would have a had a batstard child at 16. You can’t hate a hater, honey!

    btw…They are not even together anymore (Chase and “the Hoe”), so yeah, she pretty much needs to keep her legs closed!

  5. mallory and that snop angie.
    shut the fuck up you are just hatin bitchez
    and gossip queens.

    youre skanky asses were probably havin sex at that age to but JUST because shes prego you think you have the right to judge?

    fucking is fucking idiots weather something comes out of it or not!

  6. wow so im a skank, hmm. one sec. just need to let tht sink in.

    oh! i got something!
    you’re a bitch, wait wait i have some more, umm i dont have sex at my age because well you see theres this little thing called a brain I have(try it) and umm you see Jamie needs to see that condoms are made for a fucking reason.
    fucking is fucking? wow,you must be quite the intelligent BITCH:)
    so anyway enjoy your life of early life pregnancies and shitty comebacks.

    love you lots,

    P.S. go die:)

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