Zed(s) … Not Dead!

My #1 amigo and I decided to treat ourselves to dinner this past weekend.  One of our favorite past times, besides the actual action of stuffing our faces, is to try new restaurants!  Considering that we moved merely a month ago, we have been encountering mucho food in suburbialand…. Friday, we decided to try Zed’s.  […]

SXSW – Austin, Texas…I hugged a hot trannie!

Ugh, where to start. Wednesday, St Patty’s Day, ( I don’t have a lick of Irish in me, but they do make fabulous whiskey) was a night thing because I had to work all day. After work I went downtown and drank my face off by myself, well, not by myself – with the other […]

Why cain’t us Texas folk drive?

For real, guys. Today it was drizzling, dark and cloudy on my way home from work. I turned on the radio for the weather forecast, and low and behold, there were like 20 accidents in town…Ok, so, Texans (along w/ women, asians, and drunks) are known for our inability to drive…so how come, whenever the […]

Sunday brunch and an art outing in Austin, Texas!

I worked very hard yesterday. I needed something to write about so I decided to get my lazy ass off the couch and hit the pavement. If you happen to be headed to the ATX for some SXSW fun, these two precious locations should be high on your TDL. (to do list, duh) The afternoon […]

More SXSW in stores at End of An Ear…

SXSW Thursday March 19th 11 noon – 12:30 pm Carpark Records Adventure Ear Pwr Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez 1 to 5pm SC Distribution 1pm – We Were Promised Jetpacks (FatCat Records/ Glasgow) 2pm – DM Stith (Asthmatic Kitty) 3pm – Desolation Wilderness (K Records) 4pm – Odawas (Jagjaguwar) 5pm – Maserati (Temporary Residence Ltd.) Friday March […]

Here’s one of your many lists on SXSW parties…Plus a free pass to SXSW interactive festival….Let it begin!

The annual SXSW Festival in Austin is fast approaching (Mar 13 – 17) and we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the cool parties & events that will be happening. Check it out … http://www.garysguide.org/sxsw We’re also raffling off to our members 1 Free Pass to SXSW Interactive 2009. More details here … http://www.garysguide.org/events/deals http://www.GarysGuide.org The […]

SXSW approaches once again…March 18-22, Austin!

Stay tuned for regular updates and photos of the madness.  I will be posting from rehab…

Here’s the damn deal…

When my boyfriend starts emailing me gossip stories, it’s time to get back into the game. I started a new job…(career)…a couple of months ago and it has been kicking my fucking ass! However…I will vow to post at least one amusing post a day for you guys for now on…today I am making that […]

My Education, from Austin is about to tour the west…GO!

Jul 4 2008 8:00P Albuquerque, NM @ Atomic Cantina w/ Of God and Science, and Oktober People Jul 5 2008 8:00P Tucson, AZ @ Plush w/ El Ten Eleven, and Saint Rorschach Jul 6 2008 7:30P Phoenix, AZ @ Modified Arts w/ BACK TED N TED, CABLE CAR CRASH, & MILO (doors @ 7:30pm) Jul […]

There was a great show tonight in Austin, Texas…

Many Birthdays, Baby Robots, The Diagonals, and BASIC! Do yourself a favor and buy all of the CDs! All of them, assholes…every single one of them…at least The Diagonals!