Sunday brunch and an art outing in Austin, Texas!

I worked very hard yesterday. I needed something to write about so I decided to get my lazy ass off the couch and hit the pavement.
If you happen to be headed to the ATX for some SXSW fun, these two precious locations should be high on your TDL. (to do list, duh)
The afternoon started off at Nomad. The Nomad won the Austin Chronicles “Best of”…poll, for the best neighborhood/dive bar. While it is indeed a neighborhood bar, it’s a far cry from a dive. (i cant find the link icon, but you can find them at, Anywhoo, they have a catered brunch every Sunday from 11a-2p. There is no kitchen at the bar, so the brunch is catered by a company called The Traveling Bistro. The brunch menu changes weekly and is a phenomenal accompaniment to the $10 bottomless mimosas! They also host a full bar, but the mimosas are where it’s at. The buffet costs $13 for an all you can eat. On the menu this week was banana nut belgium waffles, hash browns w/ cheese, quiche, sausage links, biscuits w/ sausage gravy, fresh fruit with mascarpone cheese, a cesar salad, and an assortment of pastries. Whew. We stayed for about an hour and a half. After several trips to the bar for a mimosa refill, and a full belly, we decided it was time to continue our day.

Next, we headed to The Blanton. The latest art museum on The University of Texas campus. The current showing is”The Birth of the Cool”.  A show dedicated to music, art, design and culture of the Californian mid-century modern era. There were listening stations where Miles Davis and Ray Charles piped through personal headphones, original pieces of modern art, and a collection of Eames furniture and photographs. It was delightful.

The best part of the museum?  The mimosas I had at Nomad!  🙂

Come to Austin.  Don’t move here…just visit!


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