SXSW – Here We Go, Ya’ll!!!!


So today begins the official start of the SXSW music portion of the nine-day festival! I can’t find anyone to join me tonight as most of my friends are either working early tomorrow, or they are already shitfaced (2:02pm) and celebrating this day…

So, I have decided that I will brave these crowds alone and hope to run into some familiar faces. I have an artists wristband this year so I am going to beat it up! You never know when these opportunities will come again.
In order to make my evening interesting I am going to run home after work and retrieve my camera. I have decided that today I will pretend that I am from England and speak to every stranger I run in to with an accent. Yep, straight off the boat and right to SXSW. I kind of can’t wait! It’s not everyday that one is able to manipulate your accent (and other humans) and get away with it!

Following is what is on my agenda for the afternoon and evening –

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth – Austin
Horse + Donkey (Is Jamie back from Chi-town, anyone) – Austin
Torche – FLA
Suzanne Vega
Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings
Broken Bells
The Coathangers
Thsoe Darlins
The Great Nostalgic (love you, rachel)
Coma in Algiers
Bun B
Here We Go Magic
The Unthanks

…and there are more on the east side @ the free, unoffical SXSW venues. Which by the way are better anyways becasue they lure you in with free food and BOOZE. So, strap on those boots and spurs, lil doggie – it’s about to get crazy!

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