Don’t call me irrepressible, I prefer effervescent!

A lil ditty from “the friend” that I told you about earlier…he called me “irrepressible”…and here is his response to my post. (I love you Marco, really, I do)…
“Was going to post this on your blog, but it appears “comments” have been disabled. Whoever was the dickhole that called you “irrepressible”, if you see that person, you should punch them in the brain. I can find a better, more descriptive, and flattering adjective. I’ll run through the list of synonyms on the dictionary site you referenced. Let’s see.

– effervescent: Now I know you’re a lady, and quite attractive I might add (I’m not hitting on you – you’re engaged), it seems applicable, but that word is just gay. Johnny Weir is effervescent.
– boisterous: If you have trouble controlling the volume of your voice, then yes, otherwise No.
– bubbling: Like a sorority girl. No.
– buoyant: Water has nothing to do with this.
– ebullient: Makes me think of consommé for some reason.
– enthusiastic: Who isn’t.
– insuppressible: unsuppress… insuppressible? Doesn’t sound right. No.
– rhapsodical: ??? Stupid. No.
– tumultuous: The times we live in are tumultuous, not you.
– uncontrollable = irrepressible. No.
– unmanageable: like an employee? No. Like a diva? Maybe. Nah.
– unquenchable: Doesn’t that mean you’re thirsty? No.
– vivacious: I’m gonna skip this one. Just can’t think of anything.

Oh wait! I missed one. And here it is – Rebellious. With a capital R. The very look of the word is aesthetically pleasing. It sounds defiant. Rebellious. Like a protest march Rebellious. Like a clenched fist raised high Rebellious. Like Tiananmen Square Rebellious. If a column of tanks was bearing down on you, you’d stand your ground Rebellious. That is it. That’s the word. So what do you think? Does it work? No need for a lengthy reply. A yes or no will suffice. Night, night. : ) ”

I told him two words…that he rules. 🙂

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