Dim Sum, little bundles of deliciousness

Chinese food is something that can be great if you know what you are eating, but it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have much experience of it. One of the things on the menu that can really bamboozle you is Dim Sum, however once you have tried these little parcels, you are very likely to not want to stop. Dim Sum basically consists of a variety of different types of dumplings and steamed dishes, as well as some that have been fried. Making Dim Sum is a true culinary art, which you will see if you order it. Different foods such as vegetables, meat or fish have been cut into mouthful-sized pieces and wrapped up into little parcels. Using various edible layers.

You can order them in a Chinese restaurant, but if you are really serious about trying the true variety of Dim Sum that is available, then you may like to try an establishment that is dedicated solely to making Dim Sum. They are small enough that if you manage to make them at home, or buy them from somewhere to take away with you, you can simply eat them as a snack while playing Partypoker. However, it is great fun to go out to eat so that you can experience the amazing choice that Dim Sum restaurants carry.

Dim Sum parcels include the Shrimp Dumpling, a thin wheat starch skin that has been filled with a whole or chopped-up shrimp. Another type is the Char Siu Baau, a steamed, baked or fluffy parcel with a light sugar glaze. This is very popular and contains a Cantonese barbecued pork filing. There are so many other types of Dim Sum, including some great options for vegetarians. To gain a proper impression of the true variety of Dim Sum, you should try it out for yourself, ideally in an authentic Dim Sum restaurant.



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