Dinner Idea for the CARNIVORES: Sundried Tomato and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomato Chicken

As many of you know by now, I loooove to cook, I love to eat, I love to bake, and most of all I love to try out new recipes…

Sick of the same old same old in the poultry world, I recalled a chicken recipe I had several years ago – some (Italians) call it a Rollatini, and some (everyone else, ha) call it stuffed chicken.

I had originally set out to make brocolli and cheddar stuffed chicken, but after reading so many variations of this one recipe, I settled for goat cheese and sundried tomatoes. 

I have two new favorite food blogs (aside from Ruth Bourdain) that have been my go-tos lately.  A dear family friend surprised me with her blog, A Muse In An Apron…(How can you be brilliant, beautiful, successful AND witty – she’s amazing) and a blog that I most recently came upon, Bakin’ and Eggs

For this evening, I chose a recipe from the latter, and changed very few steps of the process – and had I had the time, rather than using sundried tomaotes, I would have used Shirelle’s roasted cherry tomatoes.  Next time, for sure!

I served my stuffed chicken with cous cous and a cold cucumber salad – ENJOY…and please please please, share ANY food blogs that you love! 

Full Recipe Here

Edits to the recipe by GBJ…

1.  I did not use basil – I had none on hand (my sad garden will be another post)

2.  I omitted the broth for double the wine.  I chose a Portuguese Vinho Verde for the job and it was perfect.

3.   I did not reconstitute the dried tomatoes as I rather enjoy the naturally tangy flavor and dry texture.    (…but like I said, next time I will use the roasted tomatoes)

4.  To ensure a moist final product, after I seared the breasts in the pan, I set them into a baking dish with a couple of lemon slices, ~1.5 cups of white wine, a tsp of capers, a tsp of whole black pepper corns and a pinch of savory.  (your favorite seasonings will work just fine)



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