Review: Your Mom’s Burgers – Austin!!!!!

The Best Burger in Town


Let me start by saying that today, Amigo and I got to eat lunch together, so my that made my day – he even brought the Frankie with him! We decided to try Your Mom’s Burger Bar because some friends of ours in the ‘hood said they were pretty darn good.  Holy schmolly they could not have been more right!  To begin, amigo loves and adores the Casino el Camino burger above none, he proclaimed that Your Mom’s was the best burger in town!  I was SHOCKED! 

I did not get a ready-made burger, I decided on the Build Your Own and had American cheese and mayo.  Yep, that’s it, that’s the real way to eat a burger and be able to taste the meat.  

The unique thing about these burgers is that the cheese is literally in the middle of the patties and when you bite in to it, a warm pocket of cheese oozes from the meat…there is so much cheese between the meat morsels that its possible to get some with each bite.  It’s orgasmic.  

(side note:  weird too, cuz last night I was watching the food channel and there was a segment all about the Jucy Lucy burgers in Minneapolis and that is exactly what I wanted…and exactly what I got!) 

They have $6 hamburgers on Monday and specials each day of the week, they have a homemade veggie burger, there is a patio, and picnic tables outside…DOG FRIENDLY! 

I can’t wait to return!

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