Review: #19 Bus – Austin

East 6th and Waller

The food trailer has become somewhat of a local revolution, they are everywhere.  Some are good, some not-so-much and it’s a high stakes game when I compromise my food.  To the west of the new East Side Drive In (whack) is a commune of food trailers, and one of those is the #19 Bus.  An old London style, double-decker bus that is easy to spot from the street.  The menu is short and sweet and to the point.  This is ok if the food is good, and I have never had a better cheesesteak in my entire life.  My entire life.  The meat was perfectly shaved and the meat/cheese/mushroom-pepper ratio was perfection.  The bread was also perfect as there could have been no better vehicle to get the meat in to my mouth.  Perfectly hard (blushing), perfectly soft in the middle, and not soggy at all! 

Eat More Meat!!!!!

Sadly, Lucky J’s is no longer in rotation…RIP.

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