Hef’s Holly Madison before plastic surgery! YIKES!


Now, that is some scary shit! It’s Monday. On any given Monday I am not into working another week so I am usually pretty glum. However, after seeing this picture, I perked right up…ready to work…

And why is she with Hef? I thought he was more into the natural lady. Holly should be the candy on the arm of some amateur wrestler that works out at the Jersey Shore and performs magic tricks in Atlantic City.

Here is a shot of Holly in all her glory after her surgery…


Yes, the outfit is totally retarded, but please pay attention to the face area! Not the boots! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hef’s Holly Madison before plastic surgery! YIKES!”

  1. Wait…thats the same person???? From white trash to just plain old Arian…is that a real pine tree clipping???

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