First comes love, then comes marriage…..

OMG! What have we done???????

That’s right, it’s official, Amigo and I are expecting a mimi-amigo in December.  A) thank you, Universe for not having me be 9mos pregnant in August or September and B) I pretty much basically feel like shit all of the time.  I am hoping that this sickness ends soon and that I can just go ahead on with my bad self and continue to rule without having to stop to puke every other step of the way! 

I am unsure as to how (or if) I want to incorporate this special news into GBJ, if there is anything remotely interesting about pregnancy to those who have never been or plan to be, or if this is even the right vessel to do that. 

Alls I know is that so far this whole experience is pretty fuckin’ weird (and raw….and amazing…and gross…..and……).  I do know that I need to stop talking like a truck driver, eat more fruits and veggies, and stop smoking so much crack. 

If any of you have any ideas as to what you would like to see here, please do tell!  All (er, most) of your opinions count.  Also, don’t forget to keep up with the BASICally blog which you can find here……

Until then, give me a hot minute to figure out what I’m gonna do here and enjoy reading past material if you must!

ps, I know I have readers out there because Google Ads finally gave me a check! 





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