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Pink shows off her only true talent…

The best thing about her is her sexy ass husband…yeah, I said it.  She may come hunt me down and karate chop me, but it was worth it.  BTW, on the same lines as Britney.  You are a “star”…I use that term lightly…cameras follow your every move…WTF are you thinking?  Sure, I’m guilty, but I …

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Posh is gonna have the sweetest closet on Earth!

Do you guys remember the article that came out a while back about how Posh is one of us?  How she is not extravagant in her spending?  Girlfriend needs her head checked…take a look at this… Victoria designed a $500,000 closet for her new L.A. home. It supposedly features a leather floor, Baccarat crystal chandelier, …

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LL and her coke binge w/ Calum…and two protsitutes…

Thank you “More brilliance now from The Sun UK, who has pictures today of Lindsay Lohans most recent ex boyfriend Calum Best doing lines of coke while in a three way with two prostitutes.  The Sun says: The hunk was videoed during a frenzy of drug-fuelled depravity lasting three hours.  Sex toys and a …

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Britney Spears still sucks!

O-M-G!  Can you believe that someone attepting to resurrect their carreer would dare go on stage like this?  From what I can understand, she had a “surprise” comback, lip-synch show in Miami at The Mansion, but Brit Brit was so well received.  The Mansion, being frequented by Miami’s gay and in-the-know society, was filled with …

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