LL and her coke binge w/ Calum…and two protsitutes…

Thank you WWTDD.com
“More brilliance now from The Sun UK, who has pictures today of Lindsay Lohans most recent ex boyfriend Calum Best doing lines of coke while in a three way with two prostitutes.  The Sun says:

The hunk was videoed during a frenzy of drug-fuelled depravity lasting three hours.  Sex toys and a cat-o’-nine-tails whip were used as he: SNORTED lines of cocaine off a glass table while the naked vice girls looked on … LICKED the Class A drug off one hooker’s body and let both women pleasure him at once — before romping with each in turn … SHOUTED at one of them to “take a fucking line” as drugs were laid out.

God how did these two crazy kids not fall in love.  They have all they same hobbies.  Doing coke, fucking people, doing coke while fucking people.  These are not to be confused with Rosie O’ Donnells hobbies, which include cookie dough and sitting perfectly still. “

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