Carey Hart has something on his mind…and it doesn’t seem to be his wifey!


So, the last I heard, Carey and Pink had decided on an open relationship…pre-marriage…and then, her clock starts ticking, and once a bitch wants a baby, all the fun ends from there.  No more open relationships, no more fun.  Pa-lease.  If I had to look at her face every time I wanted to fuck, I would have this brunette bitch on my sleeve too, in hopes of erasing the evil  memories of sleeping with a WWE heavy weight champ.

Anyways, the pic was taken in Vegas, it did not stay in Vegas…and Pink is pissed.  Don’t know who the sassy hoe is in this pic, but sure is a fuck load better to look at then P-I-N-K.  You go Carey.

2 thoughts on “Carey Hart has something on his mind…and it doesn’t seem to be his wifey!”

  1. Ok Pink, maybe you read my comment about Kirsten Dunst, but that was just for fun, baby. It’s you I really love. Don’t worry about that gearhead mo-fo. We could make it work, baby. I mean, sure, after you had my kid I’d go out for a pack of smokes and never come back, but your time with me would be the best ten months of your life. Let’s get the party started!

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