LaCondesa – Austin, Texas

This past weekend I was in the mood for brunch…on Saturday.  I had heard that Lambert’s BBQ did a fine Saturday brunch, so the bf and I weaved our way through the Austin Farmer’s Market to Lambert’s Downtown Fancy BBQ.  Seems they decided to change things up a bit and offer brunch on Sunday only.  […]

Spring Break in S. Texas and Mexico become a safety hazard…

and everyone wants to blame the Mexican Drug Cartel…um, folks…i hate to say it, but the fuckin Cartel receives the majority of their income, albeit illegal, from WEED.  DIRT WEED none-the-less,  you god damned idiots. Uh, really? Decapitation…for weed? Personally, I don’t think that’s necessary. does someone clean your house for you?  do your lawn? […]

Austin, Texas restaurant recap!

Ok kids. I was talking w/ bf the other day and he suggested that I recap the restaurant reviews that I have posted so far. While I love to give props to those institutions that I love, I like to keep the devil close when I revisit the establishments that pissed me off…so here goes… […]

A friendly reminder if you live in Austin, Texas!

Go to Lambert’s this Saturday night for four of my most fave local bands ever…Many Birthdays, Baby Robots (the new crew), The Diagonals, and BASIC…it’s gonna be a big one! 🙂

Lamberts Fancy Downtown BBQ – Austin, TX!

Ok, yum! BF and I had dinner here last night to celebrate his birthday… yes, he is older than me 🙂 …and it was so delicious! We started the evening off with the roasted green chile queso w/ homemade fresh, fried tortilla strips ($6). The queso was very light and very tasty. The fresh fried […]