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Ok, yum! BF and I had dinner here last night to celebrate his birthday… yes, he is older than me ๐Ÿ™‚ …and it was so delicious!

We started the evening off with the roasted green chile queso w/ homemade fresh, fried tortilla strips ($6). The queso was very light and very tasty. The fresh fried tortilla strips were far superior to any tostada you would find at a tex-mex joint! We also decided to share the iceberg wedge salad w/ grape tomatoes and a very light and creamy buttermilk bleu cheese dressing ($8). BF is not into iceberg lettuce, but I thought that it was a fine pallette for the crisp bacon bits and rich dressing. Iceberg retains its temperature better than most lettuces, so it was perfect for this dish. I had the natural Niman ranch filet served with a tobasco hollandaise and a stuffed beef steak tomato ($32). Holy shit. It tasted just as good as it sounds. The steak was seasoned to perfection and melted in my mouth. BF had the brown sugar and coffee rubbed natural beef brisket, lean cut ($14). While I did not try it, he always gets the brisket, and he is self proclaimed brisket connoisseur, I take his word that it was good. In fact, there was only one piece left on the plate when he was done! We rounded our meal off with two family sides (large portions to feed 2-4 people) of mashed new potatoes w/ creme fraiche ($6) and some pan seared french beans, also $6.

Lamberts does not have salt and pepper on the tables. In most situations, this really pisses me off, it’s conceited to me. However, this food was seasoned to absolute divinity and they knew it! No salt and pepper shakers needed!

Next time I go back, and there will be a next time and it will be soon, I am going to try the banana creme pie! YUM! We had cake at the house so I just could not do that to myself at the time…

The bar upstairs hosts a M-F happy hour from 5-7, and plenty of music to make your drinks go down that much faster. Check out their Myspace page for more details…And if you live in Austin…you can come visit me and my BF on 5/17 b/c his band,Baby Robots ,and several of our friends’ bands will be playing together that night!

Bon Apetite, Bitches!


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