Pam Anderson forgot her pants!

She’s a piece of work isn’t she?  She married Kid Rock, for one.  And then she made up for it by tying the HVP knot w/ Paris Hilton/Shannon Dogherty flame, Rick Solomon.  She’s a mess.

No, it’s not Amy Winehouse! It’s Jenna “slut face” Jameson!

I thought porn moguls were supposed to be voluptuous…the HIV is in full swing.

Speaking of Pete Doherty and his ill drugs…

Yeow…Looks like he needs to get back on ’em.  Rehab just really doesn’t do a body good.  Well, except for LL and her tatas.  But, we already went there so I won’t go into how I obsessed I am with her breasts…Supple, sweet, juicy…j/k

Ann Coulter is the devil…

She looks like this girl I know who may quiet possibly be the devil as well, but I won’t go there. Instead let’s focus on these gems… When Deutsch responded, “It would be better if we were all Christian?” Coulter said “Yeah.” Deutsch, himself Jewish, continued to press Coulter on her remarks, asking, “We should […]

Pam Anderson and 12th hubby, Rick Solomon ho it up in Vegas!

WTF did you expect? 

LaLo is out and about but still in Utah

It’s time for my boy to find a new looker.  Ick!

Katie Holmes appears to believe that she’s the shit…

The most tragically strange duo step out for some Italian in Berlin. Check yourself and that loser next to you, sweetie.  WTF did your husband do to his hair? Shine on you crazy diamonds! GROSS!

Angelina Jolie and Zahara have the same bag…gross…

Yes, that is a mini Valentino bag in that little bitch’s hands.  This is a beautiful example of Angie’s humanitarian efforts.  Take a child out of her native land and shower her with handbags that cost more than the houses on the east side. Nice. Totally unnecessary.

Jenna Jameson is a nasty sausage wallet!

No offense to the rest of you porn stars out there, but good heavens…First of all, what kind of douche-bag, besides someone like Tito Ortiz, would want to stick his dick in something like this…knowing the history and all…Secondly…WTF did she do to her god damn face? NASTY! note: last night when I was leaving […]

Rihanna…how do I put this nicely?

Um, yeah.  Well, she can’t sing.  She’s awful strange to look at, and for a girl that’s supposed to have the groove in her genes (no offense people, back off), this bitch cannot freaking dance.  Anytime the Umbrella video comes on I must watch for a good laugh.  Wake up folks!