Some Idiot Hates the IRS and flies his mini plane into a building in Austin, Texas!

I am so aggravated that I can hardly think of anything to write. I will start by saying that I am semi disgusted (semi) with myself that I even give enough of a fuck to give this asshole any of my time. I believe that the only reason I do, is because a friend of a friend just happened to be in the right place at the right time during all this bullshit, and for his sake, i hope something happens for him!!! Go Trey Go!

So yes, someone (else) is pissed they have to pay taxes…read the story here if you are so inclined, because I am tired of talking about it…just about as tired as I am of paying my taxes.  But come on…he claimed lives of the innocent, people who just showed up to work…the owner, pilot, and bastard that burned his house down…left a son and wife behind…and then flew his little piece of shit plane into a building that could have been filled with people who don’t give two shits about this loser…ugh, I’m so mad.  In Austin?  No one’s safe!

Out of this tragedy there is light.  My BFF has a friend that lives here in Austin that I just met a few weeks ago…a photog, apparently.  He happened to be in just the right spots…and have his camera with him, because his photos are now major staples all over the interweb!  His name is Trey Jones.  You can either google him or look here for a sample of the work he did today!  He went from local to the cover of in hours!

Out of every tragedy stems beauty…it’s true.  I wish Trey the best, and if nothing else, his fifteen minutes rose from the ashes of a very unfortunate event.  I spent the majority of my day following which site…The AP/Statesman/Yahoo…his photos would show up on next.  Last I heard, he was celebrating by eating girl scout cookies and sharing them with office-mates.  There are wonderful, beautiful souls left in this crazy world…you don’t even have to look too far to find them, and am comforted by that.

photo courtesy of trey jones, austin, texas
photo courtesy of trey jones, austin, texas

On a much lighter note, and if any of you give a shit – tiger woods plans to make his first, post-turkey-day- mayhem statement tomorrow.  can you say – “publicity stunt”?

Honestly, I could care less what he has to say.  As far as I’m concerned he always has been a weird golf robot alien, and whatever apologies he needs to make should go to his family.  Not the public.  Take your giant pile of gold you greedy leprechaun and move on.  you’re good…as long as you pay your taxes!!!!!!!!

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