Primzie Osteria, Austin, Tx…I hate to do this, but I can’t stop myself…

Alright, I can’t find a pic that does not have a copyright on it, so until I can go and take one myself, you guys will have to figure out where to find it. I will give you a clue: it’s on the east side of Austin, Tx, it’s called Primzie, and it’s an Osteria, good luck.

Ok, so my co-worker told me that I, infact, should not go to this place when I told him that I was interested. I am fairly certain that my boy eats Menudo, so, of course, I totally ignored him, and I go. Sorry Lil G, you were correct indeed.

I look at the menu and know what I am having. The goat cheese and scallion filled ravioli with a black olive and browned butter sauce. Sounds delightful, yes? WRONG! The pasta tasted and felt like it had been sitting in the fridge since WWII, and the olive butter sauce was nothing more than some black olives crushed up in unsalted butter. It was swimming in the miserable shit. No merriment of flavors. It was supposed to be sick, it sounded that way. It was the most awful Italian dish I have ever had in Austin! Hands down!

Bf had some sort of shrimp bullshit, I forgot what it’s called b/c shrimp sux unless it’s fried…(i am a louisiana latina)…it was actually some sort of white wine sauce or something…the first bite was not too bad, even though the garlic bread it came with looked like naan, I must have been hungry.

On the second bite, holy salty sauce…obsurdity at it’s finest, and, it was hella loaded with what had to have been white clam sauce from a can, because plain and simple, it was fucking nasty.

There were maybe ten tables in the joint that holds ~30-40 or so, and it took for-fucking-ever to get that shit. And that is exactly what it was, shit.

If I were you, go across the street to The Blue Dahlia. I have zero affiliation. My only vested interest is that I like food and I respect the internal workings of my readers.

Bon Apetite!

1 thought on “Primzie Osteria, Austin, Tx…I hate to do this, but I can’t stop myself…”

  1. Yeah, it sucked. I hate Italian places that try to get cute with their menu. Pasta, red sauce & bread. It’s not fucking rocket science. Stick to the shit that made Italian food famous…

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