Pam Anderson and Criss Angel at LA hot spot LAX


These photos (thank you, are the fuel to the fire that was the argument between Pam and Rick Solomon which resulted in divorce papers being filed…which doesn’t really mean anything, actually…

Apparently Rick hit the roof when these photos were leaked, pissed off that his wife is obviously way fucked up and Mr. Angel is about to suck her tit, can you blame him?

Safe to say, if I were Rick, I think I would have been the one to file those papers!  And sign them!

A note to Rick Solomon –

Although the world knows how big of a useless slut you are, you are doing yourself no favors by hanging around with this fucking tramp.  Really, what were you thinking?  Wake up, baby…the world is laughing at you…not with you.

Holiday Cheer,


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