It can’t be much worse…

Barker/Goldstein Leerjet

Unfortunately, the most interesting news to report about today is that of the Friday night, tragic plane crash of Blink 182 drummer,Travis Barker and friend/musician DJ AM, aka Adam Goldstein. They are expected to make a full recovery from their second and third degree burns. Unfortunately, four of the six on board, including the pilot, and Travis’ assistant and his body guard did not make it. The only two to come out of this are the performers. Many Moore, DJ AM’s ex fiance, and Shana Moekler (former MISS USA and former Mrs. Barker), have both flown to the hospital in Augusta, Georgia where their men are recovering….

Shots from Their Five Points free concert that the two opened up for last week in South Carolina…



so, there’s that, and there’s this…

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon might be expecting, and

and then there’s this…


That’s right, Tom Cruise in his heels! What a freak!

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