Austin City Limits Music Festival is upon us…

Here’s the damn deal assholes…

i am going to see Manu Chao tape at the studio…don’t be jealous, it’s just how it rolls for me, i happen to be a lucky son of a bitch!

I know the right people.

ACL is a mere 7 days away, and while i will only be there for one day, (sacrifice and compromise)…i plan to make the most of it. Get ready for the real deal, this year, i have some help…it will be the most hella, crunk, dank, phat, sweet, bitchin coverage of the entire festival!

We will cover not only the sick music, but also the FOOD, and the people…get ready for Glamour Magazine’s Do’s and Dont’s, only Austin style…

get ready you fucking losers, the shit is about to hit the fan…pictures included!

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