Here we go assholes, it’s time to wake the fuck up, let’s talk about the DC Madam!!!!!!

Do you guys really believe that the DC Madam killed herself? All of the backwards back stabbing, public robbing, white collar, politician, wanna be your representative, care for the world and the state that we are in, lying, using assholes, had nothing to do with it? I call this homicide! The perfect murder? Perhaps…Open your eyes mother fuckers, you are letting these faggots run your world! BAD IDEA! Stand up for you, stand up for me…think for yourselves…this was an inside job…if you disagree, you need help. You are paying for this shit, bitches. The average American can’t buy a home, we owe too much in taxes…and at the same time, our representatives are fucking hookers on their lunch break and taking them to nicer hotels than you will ever see in your lifetime…and you know what you stupid fucks, you are paying for it…where is the justice? DO SOMETHING!!!

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