Happy Easter, Catholics – Your Pope has been covering up child molestation…


Um….where do i begin? Woke up this morning to the tv telling me that the pope has been covering up child molestation for years. Am I surprised? No. Is there any justification? Um, fuck no.

“I am the Lord, Your God! You shall have no other Gods before me…”

Really? People believe in this shit? How is this possible? I am just confused, saddened, empathetic, appalled, and sorry that I ever even tried to believe. It doesn’t make any sense. None.




I am so angry that my parents tried to shove this shit down my throat as a child. Yeah, I know you’re reading this Dad, and yeah, I think that you don’t have to have religion and god in your life to be a good person. Religion abuses children, the poor, the sick, the elderly, the lost, and the broken. I am none of those, and most importantly I would never listen to anyone that tells that I need to listen to them. The Bible was set into place as means for civil obedience. It has nothing to do with the “soul”. One last thing…fuck heaven, fuck hell. It’s a joke. Come on, immaculate conception, rising from the dead, walking on water? Gimme whatever those people were on!

Happy Easter!

and ps, I believe not in the devil, either…so there.

and one last thing, per amigo…for all you boys goin to church today, you may want to be prepared



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