Craigslist just enlightened me once more…tutors vs teachers

I have been seeing these kinds of ads around lately, especially since school just resumed and what not.

There are ads out there from parents and institutions alike advertising easy money as a tutor for elementary to college and post college students…some paying up to $100/hr.

Now people, my mom is a teacher. She has her masters degree (which lends $1000 extra dollars a year on top of the general teacher salary…meaning it would take an additional 40+ years of working as a teacher to recoup the cost of grad school) and has been teaching for 15 years, and as sad as it is to say it – I make more money than she does. I am a city planner w/ a bachelors of science. I am working on projects to improve the future of this city…I basically get paid to sit in an office (with two windows – hee hee) and think on grand levels and outside the box…sad. (even more sad if you knew me and you knew how many brain cells I must have killed by now).

So, here is my idea. Instead of paying those tutors so much money, PAY THE FUCKING TEACHERS BETTER!

See what I’m gettin at?

pissed and bored,

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