South Florida – More (illegal) penis pumps per capita!

Two South Florida men have been arrested and charged with Medicare fraud as they have been billing the Federal Government for fraudulent penis pumps. Four claims for penis pump reimbursement were filed for FEMALE patient alone. Hmmmmm, let’s see, medicare fraud amounts to approximately $65 billion dollars per year. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if I could […]

Anthony Bourdain, Take Two…and some SHIT food!

It’s no joke, kids…amigo and I like to get our food on!  Last night, my sweet man escorted me to see my foodie idol, Anthony Bourdain.  Now, I have seen him once before, this time in much better company, and he was great then as well, however, I do believe that I now have a […]

LL Cool J is the original bad ass!

And he still has the fucking arms and beautiful smile to prove that he is not going to let us forget him anytime soon!

Heath Ledger is back on the market, bitches!

According to People Magazine and others, Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger have gone their separate ways…I think it was this stunt she pulled with her hair. One of the big screens sexiest is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elle McPherson smoking hot @ 43!


Jessica Alba is…doing something to herself…shrug…

At this moment in time, my husband is wishing he was Jessica’s hand. 

John Mayer…cuz I can!

Shut your mouth…I don’t care what you say.  As long as I don’t have to watch him sing, he’s alright in my book!

Mrs. and Mr. Stefani w/ Kingston in Hawaii

Ok, thank heavens Gav decided to lose the Beckham rip-off hairdo and show off his true colors…now that’s more like it. Yeah, is band sucks (ed), are they still around?, anywhoo…he sure is nice to look at.

Jenny McCarthy and what’s his face are in Hawaii…

Luckily, she lost Dumber for this picture cuz this bitch is H-O-T!

John Mayer heads out for a workout in NYC…

tall, check.  tatoos, check.  sexy, check.  Cuz I can!