Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner call it quits!

That’s right kids, 28 year old Holly Madison has officially called off her relationship with 82 year old Hugh Hefner (aka Puffin)! Care? That shit just don’t seem right anyways.

The Girls Next Door Drama…and some other bitch’s titties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know if you have been keeping up with the chaos that surrounds The Girls Next Door, but whatever, let me enlighten you…also, if you click here, you can see some titties! We all like to look at hot Playboy titties…especially when they are covered in flour…or whipped cream…or cum. From WWTDD.com – The […]

Hef’s Holly Madison before plastic surgery! YIKES!

Now, that is some scary shit! It’s Monday. On any given Monday I am not into working another week so I am usually pretty glum. However, after seeing this picture, I perked right up…ready to work… And why is she with Hef? I thought he was more into the natural lady. Holly should be the […]