Leo is super hot!

Slow day at the office.  We get out early today.  I don’t give a shit about LL and her job at the morgue.  So, here you go, peeps!  Take a gander at this piece of work!

LaLohan sighting!

Getting a pedi in Utah…my fave boy loves her. I think they share a passion for getting fucked up. It’s in their purvue.

K-Fed parties at TAO in Vegas…

I am not trying to start any rumors, but the girl smoking a cig sure does look like Ms. Minnillo….anyone?

Michelle Rodriguez hits the beach…

Sans alcohol monitoring device.  Plus incredible abs!

Jessica Biel goes dark for her latest role…

Powder Blue…likey?

Suri, Tom and Kate have a nice dinner in Berlin

Back from the Beckham bash last week in LA, Kate and Suri are wanting more brain washing from papa Cruise so they have yet again followed him to Germany where he is filming his new movie…Is Suri cross-eyed?  Anyone, anyone?

Denise Richards doesn’t go Brazilian!

And…she has a FUPA!  A teacher pouch…a kangaroo pocket…whatever you folks call it, this bitch is far from Bond!

Eva shops on LA’s Robertson Blvd

Well, she really does not impress me at all, and I think Desperate Housewives was, well, desperate, but here you go for those of you who put up with her.  Besides the fact that she has the figure of a 12 year old boy, where the hell is her stylist and why did that blonde […]

Kristin Davis shows off her sweet little figure in a sweet little dress…

Would you rather be sweet, or fuckin smoking hot babe?

Remember Stephanie Seymour?

Of Axl Rose and November Rain fame from the 80’s?  What is she like 60 now?  What-ev, she still has one smokin bod!