Sean Penn and supermodel Petra Nemcova are an “item”…

Sean Penn, recently divorced from wife Robyn White, and long time single Nemcova made an appreance together at the Oscar’s last night. Sources say the two were hand in hand and whispering in each other’s ears all night long…Oh, how sweet. He’s still creepy to me! Nemcova was a survivor of the Tsunami in which […]

WTF? Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong?

I know, I know…I should have known this by now.  Look ppl, shit has been crazy…and I mean c-r-a-z-y for me lately.  It was not until today I even remotley like doing this crap, sorry. But, I’m back, ok…I will forgive you if you forgive me. Someone tell me more! October 31, 2007 — ODD […]

Reese and Jake…that’s right…we knew it all along…

You can read the dirt here, but from these pics at a recent Rendition premiere…they look an awful lot like Angelina and Brad at the Mr. and Mrs. Smith premiere when he was not cheating on his wife, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina was not a home-wrecker. I repeat…she was not a home-wrecker! I can’t find […]

News Flash: Kelly Slater and Bar Rafaeli seen leaving a Tel Aviv hotel

While Leo was in Paris, apparently Bar and Kelly were in Tel Aviv. At a hotel. Slater was detained for assault on a photog trying to get shots of the two together. Sounds fishy to me. An open letter to Bar Rafaeli: Dear B, You may a supermodel in all your young, sweet, hotness, but […]

Pistol Pete Doherty has a new bitch…wait, fiancee.

Irina Lazareanu, a Canadian model has stepped forth to fill Kate’s shoes…no such luck.

Penelope Cruz and hottie Javier Bardem hit Maldives

These two just completed shooting a Woody Allen film together.  When asked recently, Pen says the two are “just really good friends”.  note:  I fucking love “really good friends”.  They’re the best!

Drew and Justin Long, hot and heavy!

I totally love her!

Paris Hilton and 50 Cent make the news again…TOGETHER!

According to reports, these two were seen getting cozy yet again at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for 50’s release party.  Apparently these two, where on earth have I freaking been, have been caught together before at last year’s Cannes.  Paris admits to having a crush on 50, and he gives her kudos in his […]

The Corey’s reunite!

Are you ready world?  The Corey’s have a reality show about to drop called The Two Corey’s…no, I am not shitting you!  Get ready!

JT and Jess Biel in Sweden