Angelina, yeah, yeah, who gives a shit.

The fuckin pretend do-gooder, home-wrecker switched from all black to a white ensemble.  Where’s the pope when you need him?

The Pitt-Jolie crew was out in Chicago this weekend….

I am sue that you have all heard the rumors around so far.  I just thought I’d post this pic as it is not too often we see the entire brood together. However, let me take this moment to point a couple of issues I have with this picture…. 1.  Why the hell is Shiloh’s […]

Angelina’s boots were made for walking…while Maddox tags along.

On her way to voice-over for the upcoming Beuwolf, Angelina so should have stopped and had a burger first!

What happened to Amy Wine-ho

Apparently she is on the Nicole Richie as well. WTF? Rehab? Yeah, but this time it’s not cuz the alcohol…btw…the before picture was taken two years ago…BUT STILL! Husband thinks she looks like a cheap Mexican whore…no offense to the Mexicans…or the whores, but I think he may be on to something…

Courtney Love and Frances Bean…

Someone should have called CPS when they called their daughter Bean.  No offense of course to my fanatsy lover, Kurt, but geez.  Love looks freaking nasty these days.  She was pretty much a whole lot better looking when she was a fat ass.

Ashlee Simpson accepts diet tips from Nicole Richie