And while we are on the subject of Demi Moore…

Here is pic from Demi’s Flawless party last night…There is just too much wrong here, boys and girls. For starters, Bruce’s gf, Emma Hemming is stealing the spotlight and Demi does not look happy about it. It is her movie after all, and her man (Ashton Kutcher) aint no where in sight! Secondly, Bruce has […]

This is what happens when a hottie like Ashton Kutcher marries a cougar!

Seen here filming his new movie Spread w/ co-star Margarita Levieva. Apparently, Demi has him chained to the bed cuz homeboy is lookin a little pale and chub these days. Not to mention, a little gay. note: no offense fatties or fags, it’s the damn honest truth. I imagine he is tired of that stretched […]